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Fatty Kiosks Headed to Battery Park

Soon to be Fatty 'Cue
Soon to be Fatty ‘Cue Photo: Daniel Maurer

Sounds like the forthcoming Blue Smoke just got some competition: Fatty Crew overlord Zak Pelaccio tells us he and Kevin Pomplun are in the process of turning the former Picnick and Picnick Smoked kiosks in Battery Park into a kiosk “tentatively titled” Fatty Snack, and a mobile version of Fatty ‘Cue, respectively. No doubt word of a (miniature) Fatty ‘Cue is welcome news indeed to the working masses of lower Manhattan. We’d personally be way into the idea of being able to quickly grab some Pullman toast with master fat for lunch. But what of this Fatty Snack?

“It’ll serve soft-serve ice cream and cold sandwiches. Nothing cooked,” Pelaccio explains. “I want to do delivery to businesses down there.”

You may also recall Picnick was a Will Goldfarb operation? Pelaccio says Goldfarb is a “dear friend,” but: “He flaked off to Bali, so we all hate him. I mean, we love him, but we’re just jealous of his lifestyle.”

Pelaccio tells us both will open this spring, after he returns from opening a Fatty Crab outpost in St. John. (Which, we have to say, probably has weather that’s an awful lot like Bali’s.)

Fatty Kiosks Headed to Battery Park