Egyptians Stockpiling Food; Sara Lee Splits

• With protests in Egypt raging for nearly a week, people have begun stockpiling food in anticipation of shortages. [Jerusalem Post]

• Rising food costs in India are forcing citizens to cut discretionary spending. [Economic Times]

• Sara Lee is splitting into two companies, one focused on meat and the other on coffee and baked goods. [USAT]

• All that salt and fat in the food you eat during the Super Bowl, combined with the excitement of watching your team play (and it gets worse if your team loses), can lead to heart problems, so proceed with caution this Sunday. [Discovery]

• Graduates of the Culinary Arts Institute at Los Angeles Mission College have won a national bistro championship for two years straight, boosting this 20-year-old school into higher ranks. [Daily News]

• The USDA has launched an interactive food atlas that reveals things like how close residents are to grocery stores and how much is spent in restaurants across the country. [ via Slashfood/AOL]

• Once L.A.’s smoking ban goes into effect, hookah bars will probably be operating in a gray area of the law, and according to a legal analyst for Tom LaBonge, the law is going to be really hard to enforce anyway. [Enicno Patch]

• Believe it or not, Rachel Zoe does eat, and during her pregnancy she’s craving “tart,” “refreshing” things. Boooring. [Celebrity Babies/People]

Egyptians Stockpiling Food; Sara Lee Splits