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Dave Wondrich Will Be Fatty Johnson’s First Guest Bartender

Dave Wondrich.
Dave Wondrich. Photo: Melissa Hom

Yesterday came the news that Zak Pelaccio and the Fatty Crew are turning the now-shuttered Cabrito into a short-term bar, Fatty Johnson’s. Now the Crew announces that tomorrow night’s inaugural guest bartender will be punch king Dave Wondrich. His menu will consist of “a list of cocktails resurrected from various consulting projects he and Zak worked on together,” plus “a few of his own concoctions thrown into the mix.” Click through for the full lineup, and see you tomorrow night!

Part I: The Dave & Zak Show

The Bone

Fuck yeah! Rye with splashes of sugar and lime and three healthy dashes of Tabasco, served up.

5 NINTH, 2004

What if whiskey were French? A thought experiment. Irish whiskey, Lillet, touch of Cointreau, up.

Hüsker Mule
5 NINTH, 2005

A Meatpacking-District tribute to the Packers, but without the cheese. Aquavit, ginger beer and lime, rocks.

ANNONA, 2005

A beautiful name for a beautiful drink. White rum, lime, cream and hints of almond and peach, fizzed with soda and capped with port.

Death by Whiskey

How much whiskey can you get into a glass? Irish whiskey braced with a little single-barrel bourbon, spiked with Ardbeg bitters and shaken up with a little Demerara sugar and a slice of orange.

Poona Club

Back in the days of British India, the Poona Club was famous for its—well, you’ll have to look it up. Rangpur-lime gin with vermouth, blood orange juice and bitters.

Part II: Wondrich Solo


A tribute to the best damn whorehouse America ever had. White rum, Aperol, lime, hint of almond, up.

Little Beagle Johnson

A liquid tribute to the long-eared critter who shared the White House with Lyndon Baines, Lady Bird, Lucy Baines and Linda Bird. Sherry, mellow-aged rum, a spoonful of creme de cacao (why not?) and orange bitters. Twist.

Dry Dock

Painting with booze volume XIV: the Constructivist years. Vodka colored with fino sherry and old bourbon, up.

Fatty Johnson’s [Fatty Crew]

Fatty Johnson’s, 50 Carmine St., nr. Bedford St.

Dave Wondrich Will Be Fatty Johnson’s First Guest Bartender