Crazy Dude Vandalizes Zeitgeist; Fried Fish Might Kill You

• A total loon with an apparently urgent need for a beer started vandalizing Zeitgeist after they wouldn’t let him in (it was morning, they weren’t open). Police were called, guy cuffed and put in squad car, but he kicked out the rear window and made a run for it, and was nabbed again. [Examiner via SFist]

• President Obama is expected to sign the second iteration of that $1.4 billion food-safety bill today, and some House Republicans are pissed about it. Eh, what’s new? [Bloomberg]

• As cocktail folks know, punch is kind of a thing these days, and a place called Punch Parlor, devoted only to punch, just opened in Williamsburg. [Metromix]

• Jeez, one minute the New York Times is celebrating fried “lake trout,” and now it cites a study that warns battered fish is the major contributor to the so-called Southern “stroke belt.” Make up your minds! [NYT]

• If you want to lose weight, keep a food diary. It forces you to be honest about what you’re eating, instead of pretending that muffin in the break room didn’t count because you picked at it and consumed it in crumb-size nibbles. [US News & World Report]

• If you thought this country’s binge-drinking year-end traditions were bad, consider this: At least six people in Japan died this year after choking on the New Year’s rice cakes known as mochi. [Guardian UK]

• The latest food thought to have magical powers is almonds, which might ward off type 2 diabetes. Awesome; we’ll be over here with our red wine and chocolate, thanks. [Sydney Morning Herald]

Crazy Dude Vandalizes Zeitgeist; Fried Fish Might Kill You