Bush Administration Pushed Genetically Modified Foods; 8,000 Pounds of Angus Beef Recalled

• Among the many things revealed by WikiLeaks is that the Bush administration heavily lobbied European officials to loosen restrictions on genetically modified foods. Not even the pope was spared, though evidently the lobbyists for Trojan caught him in a better mood. [Atlantic]

• If you thought you were safe buying Angus beef, think again: United Food Group is recalling nearly 8,000 pounds of fully cooked Angus patties that might contain Listeria bacteria. [Imperial Valley News]

• Kids’ foods commonly have false labeling that makes untrue claims. Yes, big shocker, but that box of Cocoa Krispies might not be your child’s best bet for a morning meal. [L.A. Times]

• Yum Brands, owners of KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell (hence the whole KenTacoHut combination), is looking to seel its Long John Silver and A&W; All-American Food Restaurants. [Wall Street Journal]

• Washington D.C. might be the next city to adopt the letter-grade rating system for restaurants. [WTop]

• Higher prices at the grocery store might mean more business for restaurants. [Reuters]

• Pet Salad is a brand of wheatgrass especially for animals; it’s particularly appealing to cats, owners say, though no felines were available for comment. [NYT]

• Concerned that foreigners are preparing sushi all wrong, a sushi restaurant group in Japan has launched a certification program for handlers of raw fish abroad. [ABC News]

• A food cart in Portland, Oregon, was stolen and then recovered heavily damaged, with taco sauce all over the walls. We don’t want to know what went on in there. [Fox 12]

• Sheep in the English countryside are also falling prey to theft; farm officials say the crime wave coincides with the recent spike in food prices. [WP]

• Wal-Mart has pledged $2 million to upgrade the energy efficiency of sixteen food banks across the U.S. We wish the corporation would stop making it hard for us to hate them quite as much. [Fast Company]

Bush Administration Pushed Genetically Modified Foods; 8,000 Pounds of Angus