Empire Building

Bob Lynn Comes Ripping Through Anisette

Photo: Hadley Tomicki

The static age of the shuttered Anisette space looks to be die-die-dying, my darlings, as Eater announces that a new breakfast, lunch, and dinner spot called “The Misfit” is taking its place. Pretty badass name for a supposedly “trendy” restaurant from the overlord of corporate chain La Grande Orange and its affiliated venues. Sure, carnivores live for pleasure, but will we bite? Who knows. We’re still pretty broken up about losing Anisette. Mani’s on Maple? Not so much.

The Misfit, 225 Santa Monica Blvd. Santa Monica.

Anisette in Santa Monica to Reopen as The Misfit [Eater]

Bob Lynn Comes Ripping Through Anisette