Bigger Bar and More Kir Cocktail Offerings Coming to Bistrot La Minette

Bistrot La Minette
Bistrot La Minette Photo: Courtesy Bistrot La Minette

Bistrot La Minette is revamping its bar area, but the slight addition which will bring four more seats to the restaurant’s cozy bar should have little to no effect on service. “I wouldn’t necessarily call it an expansion; it’s more of a redesign,” Chef-owner Woolsey told Grub Street. “We’re just installing a piece of marble to make it more of a wraparound L-shaped bar.” In addition to making his bar bigger, Woolsey said he plans to add two high-top tables in the bar area near the front of the restaurant. A bar menu, which Woolsey points out is mostly an American thing, will not be added. “We’re trying desperately to be as French as possible,” he jokes. Still the entire menu will be available to guests at the bar. With the extended bar’s completion Woolsey will add eight different variations of Kir cocktails to the bistro’s drinks menu.

“This is something that’s classically French and took us a long time to find the purveyor for what we were looking for,” Woolsey said. A classic Kir Royal is made with crème de cassis and either white wine or bubbly, but in France you can get it with strawberry, blackberry, peach and many other flavors. His selection at Bistrot La Minette will include the classic crème de cassis, raspberry, peach, pear, ginger, anise, orange and elderflower.

Tomorrow and Thursday Woolsey is offering a $35 four-course prix fixe dinner, featuring dishes inspired by the Lorraine/Alsace region.

Bigger Bar and More Kir Cocktail Offerings Coming to Bistrot La Minette