Beso Bankrupt in Las Vegas; New Landlord Purchases Palm Restaurant

• Eva Longoria’s Las Vegas restaurant has filed for bankruptcy. Turns out, having a restaurant full of girls screaming “whoooo!” at every table doesn’t pay the bills. [Pop Eater]

• The building that houses stalwart West Hollywood restaurant The Palm has been purchased by Goldstein Planting Investments in an eight million dollar deal that includes adjacent properties. [L.A. Times]

• Turns out your favorite music may have the same effect on the brain as delicious food or cocaine. Cue up the next weight-loss craze: the music diet! [Guardian UK]

• Let’s not give the terrorists any ideas: A cup of coffee spilled on the dashboard of a Chicago-to-Frankfurt flight triggered several emergency codes and necessitated a landing in Toronto. [CNN]

• Here’s a scenario not depicted on The Wire: a Sydney chef has allegedly been running a drug ring out of his kitchen. [Herald Sun AU]

• Tomorrow Riverside City Council will vote on strict rules for food trucks, limiting their ability to cook anywhere but events. [Press Enterprise]

• You might be sensitive to anywhere from 10 to 25 foods without realizing it. [Delmarva Now]

• If you haven’t dined at Red Robin in a few decades, well, neither evidently has anyone else: investors are urging the company to seek a buyer, to better position itself for a turnaround. [NRN]

Beso Bankrupt in Las Vegas; New Landlord Purchases Palm Restaurant