Aspirational Tacos and Pop Rocks Could Be the Next Big Things

La Verdad's chorizo con papas.
La Verdad’s chorizo con papas. Photo: Darren Carbone

We’re enjoying this Globe piece in which several Boston chefs were asked to forecast 2011 dining trends. Some salient points involving pop rocks and tarted-up tacos straight ahead.

Clink’s Joseph Margate sees a growing acceptance of Japanese ingredients; look for wasabi as more than just a cold little knob next to your plate of sushi.

• Goodbye, macaroni and cheese! Antonio Bettencourt of 62 Restaurant & Wine Bar thinks comfort food is on the wane. We have to agree. People want upscale innovation at downscale prices. (We’ll never stop eating Tater Tots, though.)

• Sarah Ewald of Bistro du Midi thinks small pies are going to be all the rage, as opposed to cupcakes. We definitely agree.

La Verdad’s new chef, Darren Carbone, is branching out from the traditional taco and foresees more exploration into uncharted taco territory. His chorizo con papas, for instance, comes complete with sweet potato puree. (Read more about our take on the dish here.) Carbone’s in good company; Michael Schlow recently told us about his plans to elevate the humble taco into a new realm of exploration. Goodbye, burrito battles. Hello, taco takedowns!

Bambara’s Jay Silva thinks molecular gastronomy is going to become even more mainstream, and he’s also experimenting with Pop Rocks for dessert. Hunh. We keep hearing more and more about Pop Rocks lately.

All sounds just delicious. But, will those Pop Rocks be chocolate??

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Aspirational Tacos and Pop Rocks Could Be the Next Big Things