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Animal Chefs Plan Son of a Gun on Third Street For Seafood

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Firmer details have finally emerged on L.A.’s most speculated-about follow-up restaurant. Food & Wine delivers the exclusive scoop that Vinny Dotolo and Jon Shook, the chef-owners at Animal, are opening a seafood-centric restaurant on Third Street named Son of a Gun. Strange name and unfortunately, we aren’t offered the back-story about guns and hookers that F&W; alludes to, which sounds like the most interesting part of the story to date. The boys are putting their trusted toque Frank Anderson into the kitchen to prepare dishes like baked clams and lobster rolls, with the chefs’ usual fervent variants like fish collars and something referred to as halibut feathers.

The walls will have a nautical, sports-fishing-style theme with objects from Dotolo’s grandfather’s own boat, photos of old-school stars (Hugh Hefner, Humphrey Bogart) with their prized catches, and cocktails from actress/mixologist Lindsay Nader.

Hard to tell from the limited information and silent Animal camp just how much of a different beast this one will be when it opens in the next few weeks. Will they serve a changing or set menu? What about that rumored butcher shop? Will fish hearts be served on a poutine? One thing we know already: It will be slammed.

Son of a Gun, 8379 West Third St. Los Angeles.

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Animal Chefs Plan Son of a Gun on Third Street For Seafood