Andrew Lloyd Weber Sells Wine; Where to Get A Whole Roasted Pig For The Superbowl

• Remember how we told you about Andrew Lloyd Webber’s crazy French wine collection? Well, he just sold a big chunk of it at Sotheby’s for $5.6 million. [SceneAsia/WSJ]

• Some people are pushing to add nutrition labels to alcohol bottles. Yeah… we’re okay not knowing that information. [USAT]

• A top U.K. scientist argues that genetically modified crops will be one of the key factors in ensuring we all have enough to eat going forward. [Guardian UK]

• Restaurants like Maialino in New York and the Kona Grill chain are offering non-traditional Super Bowl food like a whole-roasted pig, or “super roll” sushi platters. [NRN]

• One very brave school employee in the Midwest ate school lunch for a year and blogged about it. Click through with caution if you’re easily nauseated. [CNN]

• The World Health Organization (WHO) has urged countries to limit children’s exposure to ads for high-calorie, low-nutrition junk food, citing these foods as a major contributor to childhood obesity. [Press TV]

• About $2 million has gone into opening Downtown’s Mas Malo. [L.A. Downtown News]

Food truck porn film director Erica McLean counters that Flying Pig’s owner knew that their truck was being used in an adult film. [Squid Ink]

• The makeover of Century City Westfield, which includes the opening of a food court with more international options, drove a 90% increase in visitors last year. [L.A. Times]

• Two L.A. Times editors tell you how to lose weight while watching the NFL play-offs. First revolutionary idea: Avoid KFC’s double-down. [L.A. Times]

• Say hello to the new “other, other white meat,” fish as The U.S. seafood industry, comprised of 50 fishing and seafood organizations across 24 states, has formed a marketing coalition. [ABC]

• Leave it to a Frenchman to start making cheese in a remote cave outside of Kathmandu. Meet “the cheese king of Nepal.” [L.A. Times]

Andrew Lloyd Weber Sells Wine; Where to Get A Whole Roasted Pig For The