Americans Don’t Breast-feed Long Enough, But the Brits: Too Long!

Photo: Doug Meszler/Splash News

Yes, we’re going to talk about breast milk for a second. (Because it’s the first food many of us had — that’s why.) Anyway, according to a new study in the journal Pediatrics, mothers in North Carolina are weaning their little ones off breast milk too soon! The American Association of Pediatrics suggests breast-feeding babies exclusively until they’re 4 months old. But these Tar Heel moms are feeding their babies things like juice and solid foods too soon! And mothers who classified their babies as “fussy”? Twice as likely to feed them solid food early. For shame! But hold on. Don’t go sticking your boob back in your kid’s mouth just yet!

British researchers have found out something sort of different! See, the World Health Organization suggests exclusive breast-feeding for six months. But child-health experts in the British Medical Journal are all, “Blimey! That’s a well long time.” They’re not offering an alternative time frame, but are saying it’s time for Britain to reevaluate these guidelines. Dr. Mary Fewtrell, a pediatrician in London, says there is a higher risk of a baby developing iron-deficiency anemia and food allergies like celiac disease if kids don’t get certain solid foods before they’re 6 months old.

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Americans Don’t Breast-feed Long Enough, But the Brits: Too Long!