Aburiya Toranoko Opens Tonight in Little Tokyo

PRIME seating
PRIME seating Photo: Elizabeth Daniels/ Eater

After seeing the huge and affordable menu, we got pretty stoked about Michael Cardenas’ new Aburiya Toranoko. Then we placed a call to the izakya and sushi bar, where general manager Tom literally said, “Good afternoon, Toranoko, how can we make your day better?” BlogDowntown also tips us off that the name means “Child of the Tiger.” Seriously?! This place definitely, already, kinda rules. In further this-place-sounds-really-cool news, the wall art was done by local graffiti great PRIME and behind the sushi bar sits work by tattoo artist Jiro. The food comes from executive chef Hisa Kawabe, a veteran of Nobu Malibu who strives to bring together Japanese food from multiple cities, tied together with familiar L.A. flare. The restaurant opens tonight to the public and is currently taking reservations at 213-621-9500. In other Cardenas news, Eater reports that his next project is a Spanish restaurant at the former Beacon space.

Aburiya Toranoko, open tonight at 243 S. San Pedro St. Downtown.

Aburiya Toranoko Brings Hip Japanese Cuisine to Little Tokyo [BlogDowntown]

Aburiya Toranoko Opens Tonight in Little Tokyo