What to Eat at the Haymarket Pub & Brewery, Now Open

The city’s latest brewery is Haymarket Pub & Brewing, a massive new complex with room for over 300 people, massive brewing tanks, and also space for a theater. They aren’t messing around. Though they had a few delays, the official opening date was actually a couple weeks ago. But it’s only been recently that the menu has been finalized. So we decided to swing by to see what kind of food chef Chris Buccheri was kicking out to pair with those the housemade brews.

As befits a brewpub, there is a little bit of everything. Pizza, mussels, chili, barbecue, salads, and fish and chips all make an appearance, along with a long list of sandwiches. Perhaps most intriguing is the official house sandwich, The Riot, which features spicy italian pork patty, pulled pork, giardiniera spread and mozzarella, all on a brioche bun. Take a look at what this monster looks like, plus a few of the other menu items below.

Haymarket Pub & Brewery, 737 W Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60661; 312-638-0700

Haymarket Pub & Brewery Menu

What to Eat at the Haymarket Pub & Brewery, Now Open