A Look at Go Burger’s Space and Menu

It’s encouraging to see that the customer-picked name is one of the only safe things implemented at Go Burger. Open today in Hollywood, the burgeoning burger chain from BLT Restaurants is going all double-down on us, with an “Ulti-melt,” a burger sandwiched between two grilled cheese sandwiches. The chain is using Black Angus beef from Creekstone Farms in other, less life-threatening recipes like a classic burger and (groan) a “Sunset Stripper,” plus dry-aged beef for a prime steakhouse burger that runs $18. In addition, you can find all-natural turkey patties, a veggie burger that they make themselves from chick peas, fries in four styles, Kobe dogs with apple slaw or in blankets, fish tacos, Boylan’s soda, milkshakes and floats that can be customized with booze or Twinkies, and homey comforts like meatloaf and fish and chips. Will the fried pickles replace the ones we love at South? Priced at only $5, it’s probably worth finding out. See the Go Burger space in our slide show and the full food and drink menus below.

Go Burger, 6290 Sunset Blvd. Hollywood 323-327-9355.


Chili Bowl
Topped with Cheddar, Sour Cream, Green Onions & Pickled Jalapeños 9

Chicken Wings
Choose from: Spicy Buffalo, Tangy BBQ, Maple-Chipotle 8 / $8, 15 / $14

Fried Dill Pickles
Ranch-Chili Paprika Dipping Sauce 5

Waffle Bites
Topped with Cheddar, Sour Cream, Bacon & Pickled Jalapeños 7

Pig In A Blanket
Sliced Kobe Dog Wrapped in Puff Pastry, Spicy Mustard Dipping Sauce 7

Fish Tacos
Crispy Cod, Battered & Fried 10

Choose From: “BLT”, Great Hills Blue, “C Cubed”, Crispy Cod, Veggie Falafel 3 / $12, 5 / $18

Jalapeño Poppers
Stuffed with Cream Cheese, Cheddar & Bacon 8

Iceberg, Radicchio, Chopped Vegetables, Onion, Feta and Oregano Dressing 12 … w/

Grilled Chicken 17

Romaine Salad, Lemon-Garlic Parmesan Dressing 10 …w/ Grilled Chicken 15

Grilled Salmon
Topped with Whole Grain Mustard Aioli, Grapefruit, Red Onion and Served Over

Arugula, Radicchio, Frisee and Iceberg, Tomato Herb Vinaigrette 17

Chopped Lettuce, Grilled Chicken, Blue Cheese, Bacon, Tomatoes, Avocado, Chopped Egg, Red Onion, Mustard Vinaigrette 14

Hot Dogs

Snake River Farms gourmet frankfurter crafted from 100% American Kobe beef, smoked using authentic hardwoods combined with signature blends of spices.
Kobe Dog

Spicy German Mustard, Pickled Jalapeños 7
Chili Cheese Dog

Housemade Chili, Cheddar Cheese, Pickled Jalapeños 9
Hot Diggity

Bacon Wrapped Kobe Dog, Frisee, Papaya Mostarda 12


The Classic
100% Black Angus Beef 9

Double Smoked Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, BLT Burger Sauce 11

Great Hills Blue
Great Hills Blue Cheese, Balsamic Caramelized Onions, Mushrooms 12

The Sunset Stripper
Arugula, Marinated Cherry Tomatoes, Pickled Shallots, Olive-Cornichon Remoulade, No Bun 14

“C Cubed”
Fried Chicken, Chipotle Ranch, Avocado, Bacon, Lettuce, Red Onion, Tomato 12

All Natural Turkey Breast Ground with Fresh Herbs 8

Veggie Falafel
Medley of Organic Grains, Vegetables and Spices on an Wholegrain Roll 7

Salmon, Pickled Red Onions, Avocado, Arugula 13

Cheese $1

Vermont Cheddar
Monterey Jack

Toppings $1.50

Grilled Red Pepper
Madeira Mushrooms
Fried Egg
Homemade Chili
Caramelized Onions
Sliced Avocado

Signature Burgers

The Ultimate Patty Melt! Our burger topped with caramelized onions and bacon is sandwiched between two slender rye and gruyere grilled cheese sandwiches… Yes we went there. 14

Smashed Burgers
Griddled Hand Smashed Burger Studded with Onions and Topped with American
Cheese 10
“Make It a Philly!” with Griddled Onions, Peppers, Pickled Jalapeños and Melted Provolone 11

Custom Blend of 30-Day Dry Aged Prime Beef (Brisket, Shortribs, Sirloin) Topped with Caramelized Onions 18


Chipotle Glazed Mushroom-Bacon Crust, Mashed Potatoes 15

Fish & Chips
Tempura Battered Cod, Skinny Fries, Tartar Sauce 15

Fried Chicken
Maple-Bacon Vinegar, Mashed Potatoes 17

Mac N’ Cheese
Elbow Macaroni, Bechamel with Comte Cheese 12

Duck Fat Fries 6
Skinny Fries 3
Waffle Fries 4
Sweet Potato Fries 5
Vidalia Onion Rings 5
Spicy BBQ Corn 5
Mashed Potatoes 5
Cole Slaw 3



Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Coffee, Black and White 6

Rocky Road
Chocolate Ice Cream, Marshmallows, Brownies, Almonds 7

Mocha Mudslide
Coffee Ice Cream, Oreo Cookies, Chocolate Syrup 7

Twinkie Boy
Vanilla Ice Cream, Twinkies, Caramel Syrup 7

Cookie Monster
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream, Chips Ahoy Cookies 7

The Lunch Box
Vanilla Ice Cream, Peanut Butter, Grape Jelly 7

Monkey Business
Chocolate Ice Cream, Peanut Butter, Bananas 7


Craft Sodas

Virgil’s Root Beer, Reed’s Original Ginger Brew, Hank’s Gourmet Cream Soda 3.25

Boylan’s Red Birch Beer, Can Cola, Black Cherry, Grape, Orange 3.25

Spiked Milkshakes

Grandma’s Treat
Maker’s Mark, Caramel, Vanilla Ice Cream 11

The All Nighter
Kahlua, Bailey’s, Espresso, Coffee Ice Cream 11

Night Rider
Kahlua, Chocolate Liqueur, Oreo Cookies, Chocolate Ice Cream 11

Aztec Mocha
Herradura Silver Tequila, Coffee Ice Cream, Cayenne Pepper, Chocolate Syrup 11

The Nut Job
Frangelico, Pistachio Ice Cream, Nutella 11

Adult Floats

Double Barrel
Elijah Craig Bourbon, virgil’s Root Beer, Vanilla Ice Cream 12

Cuba Libre Float
Bacardi Silver Rum, Boylan’s Cane Cola, Vanilla Ice Cream, Lime Wedge 12

Dark & Frozen
Gosling’s Black Seal Rum, Reed’s Ginger Brew, Vanilla Ice Cream 12

South of the Border
Tanteo Jalapeño Tequila, Cono Sur Sparkling Wine, Lime Sorbet 12

Keith’s Quencher
Guinness Stout, Coffee Ice Cream 12

House Cocktails

Orange Pisco Sour
Pisco, Fresh Orange 12

Brown Derby
Monte Cristo Rum, Fresh Lime, Maple Syrup 13

Grapefruit Flower Rye
Old Overholt Rye, Saint Germaine Elder Flower Liqueur, Ruby Red Grapefruit 12

Plymouth Gin, Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Lillet Blanc 13


Allagash White 7 / 26
North Cost Scrimshaw Pilsner 7 / 26
Bayhawk OC Lager 7 / 26
Anderson Valley Poleeko Gold 7 / 26
Alaska Pale Ale 7 / 26
Anchor Steam 7 / 26
Lagunitas IPA 7 / 26
Lost Coast Alleycat Amber 7 / 26
Abita Turbo Dog 7 / 26
Green Flash Hop Head Red 7 / 26
Harviestoun Old Engine Oil 7 / 26
Guinness Stout 7 / 26

Bottled Beer

Budweiser 5
Budweiser Light 5
Corona Extra 6
Heineken 6
Amstel Light 6
Fuller’s ESB Strong 7
Riessdorf Kölsch 12
Young’s Double Chocolate Stout 11
Hitachino Nest White Ale 15
Tinnemen’s Kriek 16
Blackthorn Cider 7
Bitburger Dry (Non-Alcohol) 6

Prepared Beers

Black Velvet
Guinness Stout, Gruet Sparkling Wine 11

Honey Bear
Kelso Pilsner, Clover Honey Syrup, Fresh Lemon 9

Smuttynose Rye, Reed’s Ginger Brew 10

Beer Cans

Pabst Blue Ribbon 4
Tecate 4
Old Speckled Hen 6

Wine List



Cono Sur, NV, Chile 10 / 40

Capcanes “Rosat”, 2009, Montsant 7 / 28


Adegas Morgadio, 2008, Rias Baixas – / 48

Bourgogne Blanc
Ch. de Beauregard, 2008, Mâconnais – / 47

Byron, 2009, Santa Barbara 10 / 38

Pinot Grigio
Benvolio, 2008, Friuli 6 / 24

August Kesseler “R”, 2008, Rheingau – / 33

Sauvingnon Blanc
3 Stones, 2009, Marlborough 9 / 36

Tommasi, 2009, Veneto – / 32

Doña Paula, 2009, Salt – / 33


Dom. St. Nicolas, 2009, Fiefs Vendéens – / 37

Cabernet Sauvignon
Ray’s Station, 2007, North Coast 9 / 36

Côtes du Rhone
Guigal, 2006, Rhône Valley – / 37

Finca Decero 2009, Agrelo-Mendoza – / 44

Acre, 2007, Central Coast 8 / 32

Montepulciano d’ Abruzzo
La Quercia, 2008, Abruzzo 8 / 32

Coteaux du Languedoc
Mas Belles Eaux “Les Coteaux”, 2006 – / 45

Nero d’Avola
Marabino, 2008, Sicily – / 42

Pinot Noir
Cono Sur “Vision”, 2009, Chile – / 28

Ribera del Duero
Finca Villacreces, 2003, Spain 8 / 32

Los Alisos, 2007, Santa Barbara 9 / 36

Edmeades, 2007, Mendocino – / 35

A Look at Go Burger’s Space and Menu