Which Wich Moves Into Block 37; Don’t Mess With French Truffles

Which Wich, a sandwich chain with over 100 locations, will open soon in Block 37. [ThrillistCHI]

• A French truffle farmer shot and killed a man he thought was stealing his precious fungi. Murder is evidently not as serious as truffle theft in Southern France, since neighboring farmers immediately staged a march in support. [Guardian UK]

Big Love star Ginnifer Goodwin, who in our opinion is adorable, has evidently been on Weight Watchers since age 9. At least she doesn’t seem too upset about it. [NYDN]

• The cafeteria of San Francisco’s Zynga gaming company serves food like chicken vindaloo and lobster-mushroom bisque, which has gourmands who don’t work there clamoring for an invite. Only in the Bay Area, kids. [WSJ]

• Here’s an article about how policies that support ethanol push up the cost of meat. In that case, how about we all just drive less and eat fewer burgers, hmmm? [NPR]

• A Conservative Jewish group has proposed new standards for kosher food that would include a “seal of justice” pertaining to proper labor policies, animal rights, and other factors. [Stltoday]

• Paula Deen’s former housekeeper Mary White has been sentenced to eighteen months in prison for stealing the Food Network star’s jewelry. Guess diamonds aren’t either of those gals’ best friend. [Associated Content]

Which Wich Moves Into Block 37; Don’t Mess With French Truffles