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Where Should Anthony Bourdain Dine in Boston?

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No Reservations will visit Boston during its seventh season. Which begs the question: Which restaurants might tempt and tantalize intrepid host Anthony Bourdain (a guy who’s been known to criticize the Boston restaurant scene in the past)? Posters on Chowhound have some very definite ideas. Our summary of their suggestions (and spots that might fuel Bourdain’s disdain) after the jump.

Worth A Try:

Craigie on Main, Clio, O Ya: A trio of fine-dining favorites.

Angela’s Cafe: Authentic Mexican in Eastie.

Eastern Standard: The man will require a well-crafted cocktail or 12.

Rincon Limeno: For the ceviche.

Speed’s and Chacarero: The city’s best street eats.

Island Creek Oyster Bar
: Perhaps complemented by a side trip to their Duxbury oyster farm.

Vinny’s At Night: For garlicky red sauce and a real Boston “experience.”

The Middle East
: He could meet up with Aerosmith.

Neptune Oyster: Small, scenic, seafoody.

Deep Ellum
: For old-fashioned libations.

Visit Only If Trashed:

Oleana and Sofra: Slipping lately, some say.

Drink: Contrived.

O Ya: Possibly too frou-frou for a guy like Bourdain.

Legal Sea Foods: It’s a chain.

So, where in our fair city would you send Anthony Bourdain? And what spots are best avoided?

Where Should Anthony Bourdain Dine in Boston?