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What to Eat for Breakfast at Longman & Eagle

Get some pig to go.
Get some pig to go. Photo: courtesy of Facebook

We were a little surprised to hear that Longman & Eagle would start serving breakfast, but what else can you expect from a saloon? After the six hotel rooms were available this Wednesday, the Michelin-starred restaurant started serving breakfast seven days a week. It’s called a “Walking Menu,” and is aimed at “neighborhood commuters, sleeping room guests and late (late!) night revelers.” That means that the items are small and meant to be eaten on the go. Those dishes include cheddar muffin with smoked ham, and a praline brioche. They will also be serving Dark Matter coffee, which is made locally in the Ukrainian Village. Take a look at the full menu below.

• Praline Brioche with Bittersweet Chocolate & Citrus
• Lemon & Honey Toffee Muffin
• Housemade Vanilla & Honey Yogurt with Spice Poached Apple & Caramelized Pecans
• Traditional Alsatian Tarte Flambee with Creme Fraiche, Caramelized Onion, Bacon Lardon, & Nutmeg
• Smoked Ham & Aged Farmhouse Cheddar Muffin
What to Eat for Breakfast at Longman & Eagle