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What to Eat at the New Mado

It’s been about a month since Rob and Allie Levitt unexpectedly left Mado to start The Butcher & Larder. While it looks like that venture may open soon, we decided to take a look back and see what’s been going on at the old space. As you may remember, Brandon Baltzley was quickly brought in from Schwa as executive chef, and given very little time to completely change the menu. According to a thread on LTHForum, it hasn’t exactly been the smoothest transition. But Baltzley quickly defended himself and the menu, saying that it seems like “everyone is out for blood before we even have a chance to settle in.” Well, the menu has finally been uploaded to the Mado website, so we can see for ourselves what direction he has decided to take.

The menu follows the same format as the old Mado, with small and large plates, along with pastas and soups. But as Baltzley hinted at, the inspiration seems to be less Mediterranean and more global. As he wrote on LTHForum, “We are not trying to fill any shoes. We would rather make our own.” Check out the full menu below.

Updated!: Baltzley just let us know that they’ve since up dated the menu.

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What to Eat at the New Mado