We’re Giving Away a Signed Copy of the ‘South Beach Wine & Food Festival Cookbook’

Christmas is fast-approaching, and we’re in the mood to give! So, we got Lee Schrager to sign a copy of his new South Beach Wine & Food Festival Cookbook — possibly the only book in existence that contains recipes from both Thomas Keller (“White Sturgeon Caviar with Crêpe au Mousse de Crème Fraîche”) and Rachael Ray (“Cubano Burger with Mango-Black Bean Salsa”) — and we’re giving it away. Just because! The info on how to make it yours, straight ahead.

The rules are simple: Since the book is all about partying, and since both Christmas and New Year’s demand alcohol (both for general revelry and to deal with relatives when applicable), we’re asking you for your best cocktail or punch recipe.

All you have to do is e-mail it to us before 3 p.m. tomorrow. Points will be awarded for originality, backstory, ease of preparation (that means barrel-aging is a no-go), and, of course, potential for deliciousness. Also keep in mind: A kick-ass name for the drink sure ain’t gonna hurt your chances.

We’ll pick our favorite, send its inventor the book, and run the drink recipe here on Grub Street this Thursday. Get to it!

We’re Giving Away a Signed Copy of the ‘South Beach Wine & Food