Hooray! We Found Joanne Chang’s Cookbook!

Captured: Joanne Chang's elusive cookbook.
Captured: Joanne Chang’s elusive cookbook. Photo: All Heart

Flour: Spectacular Recipes From Boston’s Flour Bakery + Cafe, named one of NPR’s best cookbooks of the year, is basically impossible to find. The Herald reports that it sold out on Amazon, at Barnes and Noble, and even at Joanne Chang’s own restaurants, Flour and Myers + Chang. Our quest for a sweet-as-pie gift suddenly turning sour, we contacted Chang herself for ideas. And she came through! Click through to find out where you can get her elusive cookbook.

“We’re desperate, too!” she lamented in an e-mail. But she did give us one handy tip: Beacon Hill’s Koo de Kir home goods shop. We called to verify, and sure enough … they still have copies! So run, don’t walk, to Chestnut Street. You can thank us/bake for us later. (And if you’re headed to New York City, she thinks the Williams Sonoma in Columbus Circle might have a few copies, too. Or, per the Herald, you can spring for a used $76 copy online!)

In Holiday Scramble, Flour Cookbook Sells Out [Herald]

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Hooray! We Found Joanne Chang’s Cookbook!