WD~50 Evacuated; Too-Fancy Cocktails

• Hope you didn’t have a reservation at wd~50 last night. It was evacuated after an underground fire. [AlexStupak/Twitter via Lo-Down]

• Are New Year’s resolutions too much trouble to keep? Try making a list of New Year’s intentions instead. Because there’s a big difference. [USAT]

• Yes, cocktails are good and all, but they can just be so fancy. Can’t a gal just get a martini? [City Room/NYT]

• Oops! Organic products can be recalled, too. In this case, ground beef. [Emax Health]

• Over in North Dakota, the Sportsmen Against Hunger program delivered 3,000 pounds of, um, elk meat to food pantries. We’ve seen elk steaks, but what else can you even do with it? [Forum]

• Attention, boozehounds: There are lots of good apps and gadgets that will let you know exactly how drunk you are, including a $5 app. But if you need an app to tell you, it’s a pretty good indication you’re drunk. [Buffalo News]

WD~50 Evacuated; Too-Fancy Cocktails