Upper Crust: Giving New Meaning to the Word ‘Slice"?

Was murder on the menu?
Was murder on the menu? Photo: Marcel Moreau/Flickr

Surely you didn’t think Christmas would come and go without one more dramatic dispatch about the Upper Crust’s legal woes! From the Globe, we now have more details regarding the lawsuit we told you about from an operations manager who claims that Upper Crust owner Jordan Tobins threatened to kill him after he reported the company to the U.S. Labor Department. Oh, it gets better …

Patrick Joyce says Tobins falsely accused him of robbing the Commonwealth Avenue store, docked his final paycheck, and threatened him with death, per the Globe. (Frighteningly, per a much earlier Globe story, Tobins once wanted to be a pediatrician.)

The seven-year employee seeks $150,000 in damages, according to his lawyer. Says Joyce: “Initially, it was a business with good intentions … I think greed and arrogance got in the way. [Tobins] was blinded by his own arrogance. As the company grew and his stardom grew, he felt he could do whatever he wanted.’’

Hard-working p.r. guy George Regan says the allegations are false. According to Regan, Joyce is lashing out because another employee received a promotion. “His version may sound more glamorous, but it is not true,” Regan says. Ah yes, the timeless glamor of murder. So hard to resist!

FYI: Today’s slice of the day is Italian sausage, basil, and white onion.

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Upper Crust: Giving New Meaning to the Word ‘Slice"?