Tweeter Feels the Wrath of David Chang (and So Will Tonight’s Cheftestants?)

Photo: Courtesy of HBO

Remember when Tom Colicchio, David Chang, and Wylie Dufresne showed up on Treme? Well, they’ll all be together again on tonight’s episode of Top Chef, this time with the addition of David Burke and Michael White. No, Eric Ripert won’t be there, but his bro Bourdain will be! Do these guys all have the same TV agent or something? Meanwhile, Chang has been putting his Twitter account to awesome use. If his recent sit-down with the Huffington Post starts to bore you (we really needed to hear what Chang thinks about cooking school yet again?), check out what happens when a wine aficionado going by the name of AYduhFOYluh makes the mistake of asking him, “When will you be issuing an apology for what milk bar has become?” Uh-oh.

davidchang: dear santa, please rain fire and brimstone and destroy the wicked @AYduhlFOYluh, may no one else be injured in this event. love dave

AYduhIFOYluh: @davidchang fire, brimstone and stale packaged cookies. Horrible representations of their former selves.

davidchang: Holy Indra, after Santa vanquishes @AYduhlFOYluh please rob their friends & family of everything, esp the stupid point system. love dc …

AYduhIFOYluh: @davidchang Ever since the BBQ sandwich was taken off ssam’s menu, I have had nothing. #thatwasstrike1

davidchang: Dear Baby Jesus im not asking for much but can u do what u did to JOB in the bible to @AYduhlFOYluh, but wo holy reconciliation you rule jc

AYduhFOYluh: @davidchang all God did was test Job… Is this all a test?! Because if it is, the packaged cookies fail miserably.

davidchang: Dear bill clinton, why do people think that the customer is always right? what if @AYduhlFOYluh palette sucks. u fix everything, can u help?

AYduhlFOYluh: @davidchang For Christmas I’m getting you a “Baked on Premises” sign.

davidchang: wrath of tosi&co; watch out dude or dude posing as girl.

Tweeter Feels the Wrath of David Chang (and So Will Tonight’s