Towne Launches New Holiday Lunch Menu (But Doesn’t Ask You to Review It)

Towne's Holiday Macaroon
Towne’s Holiday Macaroon Photo: Regan

Last we heard from Towne Stove & Spirits, they’d taken to Facebook to offer gift cards to people in exchange for reviews. Fortunately, things seem to be on the upswing with a brand-new holiday luncheon menu (and a new coconut-n-chocolate vodka cocktail, called the Holiday Macaroon), all created by Lydia Shire. The $35 three-course, limited-time-only menu debuts today and lasts all month. Click through for the offerings.

to begin:

-choice of-

acorn squash bisque w/ apple calvados butter

mesclun greens and english cucumber w/ choice of dressing:

fiery peanut .. carrot + ginger / green goddess / balsamic

caesar salad

lobster “cappuccino” w/ lobster popover ($5 supplement)

and then:

-choice of-

wood grilled + roasted statler chicken breast .. simple / steamed delicata squash .. spoon of chestnut polenta

rare salmon filet .. pink sea salt + fennel emulsion w/ provencal olive oil*

jasper’s infamous duck salad w/ mango + spiced pecans

rotisserie prime rib + toasted ` french dip ‘ sandwich w/ melted brie , watercress aioli + Belgian fries*

“ double OO “ sugar pumpkin ravioli w/ mascarpone .. toasted sage + cranberry mostarda

lobster cobb salad

# 1 crab cake .. shire recipe w/ english mustard sauce + frites .. avocado salad

margherita pizza

sausage + pepperoni pizza

lobster pizza w/ baby red mustard greens + meyer lemon ($10 supplement)

deluxe 8 oz. all american bacon burger 70/30 .. ground skirt + shortrib w/ or w/o cheddar .. rare please*

tuchler wagyu skirt steak w/ green tabasco , grilled onions + radicchio* ($10 supplement)

to finish, deliciously:

-choice of-

xtreme chocolate pudding / new orlean’s style pralines

coconut crème brulee w/ “popped hawaiian caramel corn”

sugared thin crisp apple tart w/ apple ice cream

lemon sherbert + berries

Towne Launches New Holiday Lunch Menu (But Doesn’t Ask You to Review It)