Top This: David Chang’s Got His Own Strain of Bacteria

David Chang: What a fun guy!
David Chang: What a fun guy! Photo: Patrick McMullan

As we reported previously, some … ahem …. intense bartenders are turning to beekeeping just to manipulate the honey. Yeah, time to try a little harder. Momofuku’s David Chang is making his own bacteria.

Per the Feast’s notes from his Harvard lecture, the ever-enterprising Chang tried to create his own Katsoubushi (smoked and dried bonito) using pork loin. He fermented it in rice, and whaddya know? It gradually sprung bacteria and fungi. Mmm. But don’t call the Department of Health just yet: Chang asked Harvard microbiologists to confirm that the growths were indeed edible. And they are! Apparently, the fungi mimics what’s in sake, and salami and soppresata share a similar bacteria. But wait! Biologists also uncovered a totally new strain of bacteria unique to Chang’s experiment. Yes, the man now has his very own edible bacteria. Kind of stings, doesn’t it, beekeeping bartenders?

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Top This: David Chang’s Got His Own Strain of Bacteria