Top Local Chefs Get Sauced and Dress Like Farm Animals

Will Gilson, pre-costume.
Will Gilson, pre-costume. Photo: Boston Chefs

No, we’re not making this up. A couple nights ago, we followed with some amusement a lively Twitter exchange between Toro’s Jamie Bissonnette, Garden at the Cellar’s Will Gilson, and Sel de la Terre Back Bay’s Louis DiBiccari. We knew we were in for an exciting virtual ride when we spied this missive from @wdgilson: What do 3 chefs, 3 scooters, fernet, 5000 calories and a film crew have in common? Debauched details within.

The trio took to scooters, donned cow, pig, and chicken suits, and hit the streets (trailed by cameras).

The night kicked off, as far as we can tell, at Eastern Standard, with pit stops at Citizen Public House & Oyster Bar for shots of fernet and deep-fried burgers at Tasty Burger (where Will Gilson lamented that he could see his own breath). The toxic trio then moved on to Deuxave and Trina’s Starlite Lounge, with some inebriated pauses in Chinatown. Somewhere along the line, there was also an intimate encounter with aioli and consumption of fried Twinkies.

It turns out the boozy barnyard romp actually had a mission: It was a shoot for Chef Louie Night, the popular pop-up Iron Chef-style feast spearheaded by DiBiccari. Who needs p.r. when you’ve got poultry costumes? Visit BostonChefs for more damning photographic evidence.

Top Local Chefs Get Sauced and Dress Like Farm Animals