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Beer: It'll kill what ails ya!
Beer: It’ll kill what ails ya!

A few days ago, we sung Quincy’s praises as a suburban restaurant haven. But we won’t be bellying up to Yesterday’s bar today … or tomorrow, either. The owner, Eric Ricupero, will compete on the Food Network’s Worst Cooks in America, which debuts Sunday night. He’ll appear alongside another Boston native, environmental contractor Jeff Longcor.

Per a story in the Herald, “Both men had a reputation of performing appallingly in the kitchen.” Admits Ricupero: “My best friend swears that I got him sick, that I gave him salmonella by giving him undercooked chicken.” What a pal! For the audition, Ricupero made sweet and sour chicken, which was “dreadful” enough to earn him a spot on the show. Ricupero’s taking a leave of absence from his bar to compete. He might not be the only one. Good thing alcohol kills germs!

Hubsters Prep for Competition on Worst Cooks in America [Herald]

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Today in ‘Places That Might Really Need A Publicist"…