Time Out Picks 100 Best Bites of the Year

Devil Dawgs made the list, but not for its dogs...
Devil Dawgs made the list, but not for its dogs… Photo: Courtesy of Facebook

Let the list making begin! The first major year-end list has arrived, and it’s huge. Time Out Chicago selected the “100 Best Things We Ate,” which covers brunch, drinks, burgers, pizza, hot dogs, soups, sandwiches, bread, fried dishes, Southern specialities, and even “small bites.” Whew… It’s terribly exhaustive, and more than a little overwhelming. Where does one start with a list like this? First, some thoughts.

As we learned, Heather Shouse was mostly unimpressed with the barbecue boom that happened this summer. The exception was Lillie’s Q, and that restaurant’s tri-tip makes the list for being “lean but juicy sirloin as pink and as soft as prime rib but with just enough smoke from real-deal hardwoods.”

There were also a bunch of burger openings this year, but the only Devil Dawgs, Big Jones, Top Notch Beefburger made the list. As for hot dogs, apparently the best in the city comes from Seasons Lounge and Bar, where the dogs are made in house and make “Vienna Beef look like school-lunch fodder.” Wow!

If high end is more your style, than they give the thumbs up to the Seafood Tower at The Publican, the “Escoffier course” at Alinea, and “any seafood” from Ria.

Having trouble keeping this all straight? Luckily they’ve included a master list where you can check off dishes as you go. Might take us a year or two to visit all of these places.

100 Best Things We Ate [Time Out]

Time Out Picks 100 Best Bites of the Year