Cocktail One-Upmanship Continues: Meet Matt Biancaniello’s Bees

Matt Biancaniello, mixologist at Hollywood’s Library Bar, scored a feature in T Magazine that details the muddling maestro’s aged infusions of candy cap ‘shrooms with bourbon, as well as his plans for white-truffle eggnog for the holidays. But if we thought the constant one-upsmanship of high-end cocktails had reached its peak — be it with bar-grown herbs, veggie booze, housemade infusions, or barrel-aged cocktails — we’ve apparently seen nothing yet.

Biancaniello is currently planning to get his own colony of bees from Angeles National Forest so that he may, in his own words, “manipulate the honey’s flavor, maybe with sage or buckwheat.” Oof. Has it really come to this? Bartenders becoming their own beekeepers just to get better-flavored honey than what you could buy at some fancy, hypersourced shop?

Maybe the guy thinks he stands a lesser chance of getting stung, since his brother is the current Guinness Record holder for wearing 87 pounds of bees. Still, we have advice for Matt: Just put that hive of buzzing little sugar lushes near a maraschino-cherry factory and let nature take care of the infusions.

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Cocktail One-Upmanship Continues: Meet Matt Biancaniello’s Bees