The Shifting Tides of Hollywood Bring Les Deux Round Two and The Closing of Essex Public House

If David Judaken can’t predict what Hollywood wants, who can? The tides turn so quickly around here, you gotta have brass, or Rolling Stone-style funds, to even attempt opening. We’re having trouble even tracking what’s actually closed these days, as Squid Ink announces that one-time Hollywood hot-spot Les Deux is coming back to life following its closure in July. What can you expect at the new Deux?

The reanimated club will be focused, not surprisingly around here, on mixology, under the hands of Giovanni Martinez of Buffalo Club, Amanda Gunderson, and Joel Black, who bailed the new bar at Toscana that’s supposed to open tonight. Word is they could be growing their own herbs for the drinks, but so far, no one’s getting into beekeeping. A Deuxchey dance club will also be in the back of the space. Will good drinks be enough to bring back the crowds? Judging from what’s going on at Essex Public House, which is also on some now you-see-me, now-you-don’t, now-you-see-me-again shite, perhaps not.

Eater reports that the gastro-pub and beer bar has called it quits, following a tumultuous year-and-a-half that saw it losing its chef Chris Ennis early on in the game, to be followed by co-owner Greg Link. The trend-followers in Hollywood apparently weren’t as obsessed with craft beer (beer sommelier Christina Perrozi put the menu together) as the rest of the city and now the spot has shuttered. Or wait, has it really? The report also states that the bar could become the not-so-different sounding Essex or keep the drinks and ditch its name to become a re-branded entry in the rough waters of Hollywood. We’d rather drink there than Drai’s any day, but that’s why we tend to avoid partying in this part of town altogether.

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The Shifting Tides of Hollywood Bring Les Deux Round Two and The Closing of