The James Weird Awards

The James Weird Awards: Nutmeg-Snorting Teens and Milk-Chugging Monkeys

After reading about the kitchen-supply terrorism of “The Mad Chef,” the sudden phenomenon of red bees on a maraschino cherry binge, plus the unholy birth of the Ketchup Truck, we needed the Thanksgiving break to process everything. But while we all stuffed our faces and watched football, the food-related high jinks didn’t let up. Now that you’re over your turkey coma, check out what you missed in this week’s James Weird Awards.

Just in time for the holidays, the Georgia Poison Center has discovered the latest mischief those darn kids are getting into: snorting nutmeg. The director warns, “This time of year with the holidays nutmeg is in the house … Parents should pay a little more attention to what you have in the cabinet and if you see it [nutmeg] missing, start thinking about what you need to do about it.” [CBS Atlanta]

Melt Bar and Grilled Cheese in Cleveland, Ohio, will give 25 percent off for life to anyone who gets a tattoo of the restaurant’s grilled-cheese logo. So far, fifteen people have gone under the needle for the relatively modest discount. Apparently they didn’t hear that getting the hot-dog tattoo is a way better deal. [Today]

Hershey Chocolate is suing Mars Inc. over the suspiciously similar shades of orange and brown on the two companies’ peanut-butter-and-chocolate packaging. Click through for a side-by-side photo of the clearly plagiarized wrapper. [Patriot-News]

A man in Pensacola, Florida, has been convicted of stealing from a supermarket last March, when he shoved a family pack of steaks down his pants and tried to leave, apparently assuming that no one would know the difference. [NWF Daily News]

For the second week in a row, Latin American pastries have been used as an assault weapon. This time, an employee of a store in Deming, New Mexico, saved the day by throwing a package of empanadas at a robber attempting to escape with the entire cash register. [Las Cruces Sun-News]

A woman in Bristol, Connecticut, was overcharged for her $30 pizza — by $2300. When she discovered that her bank account had been drained, she returned to Amano’s Pizza, where the owner offered to pay her back in pizza. When that didn’t satisfy her, he threw her out of the restaurant. When reporters asked him to explain himself, he said, “I don’t like people coming in here and telling me what to do … This is my business.” [Y100]

The annual Thai “monkey buffet,” which honors the local long-tailed macaques with an extravagant altar that includes a literal food pyramid, took place this past Sunday in Lopburi. Click through for photos of the monkeys chugging cans of soda and bottles of flavored-milk beverages. [CNN]

The James Weird Awards: Nutmeg-Snorting Teens and Milk-Chugging Monkeys