The James Weird Awards

The James Weird Awards: A Corn Avalanche, a Hot-Spinach Assault, and Chicken Cardigans

Have you been able to rid yourself of the image of Das Racist’s head in Anthony Bourdain’s egg carton yet, or figured out the subliminal messaging behind the sudden onslaught of pistachio ads? After you’ve perused TuttiFoodie’s personal ads and found your own “good-looking cheesemonger,” be sure to top it off with a rundown of this week’s James Weird Awards.

A silo in Norwalk, Ohio, exploded into an unstoppable twelve-foot deep “sea of corn” that has taken over the surrounding area. The force of the corn avalanche actually pushed a house off its foundation. Terrifyingly, officials have no idea what caused the silo explosion. Agri-terrorists, anyone? [WIVB]

To the delight of crabby diners everywhere, the world’s first robot-staffed restaurant has been debuted in Jinan, China. “Continental Robot Experience Pavilion” currently has two “female” hostess robots to greet guests and six robot waiters to start with, but they plan to expand to over 40 robots. Thankfully, the cooking is done by real live people; it’s only in the dining room that customers find other humans distasteful. [People’s Daily]

Caffe Boa of Tempe, Arizona, has announced a special Christmas menu comprised entirely of reindeer meat. Apparently, this is just how the holidays are celebrated at this place; for Easter, they had an all-rabbit dinner. Our advice: Leave the kids at home. [Arizona Central]

A 17-year-old was arrested after a “hot-spinach assault” in which he threw a bowl of creamed spinach, just cooked at 180 degrees, at a Boston Market employee, causing facial burns. Apparently yelling “fire in the hole” and throwing your soft drink at fast-food workers is a thing? [Sacremento Bee]

The first 747 ever to carry passengers has been languishing 25 miles outside of Seoul for the past decade … as a failed theme restaurant. Apparently, back in 2000 it was all the rage in South Korea to house restaurants in real airplanes, but now that the trend has passed, the owner remembers her million-dollar purchase of this piece of historical American innovation with “sadness — a feeling of emptiness.” [LAT]

A man in Spring Grove Village, Ohio, drove off with a van full of beer he stole from the parking lot of a supermarket. Residents are encouraged to be on the lookout for a suspiciously awesome party. [Cincinnati Enquirer]

A group of knitters in West Yorkshire, England, are finally addressing perhaps one of the most urgent needs in the modern world: chicken fashion. The knitters have worked tirelessly to provide tiny, cheerfully colored cardigans for chickens that have been rescued from British poultry farms and need help keeping warm over the winter. At least the ladies are keeping it in perspective; as one of them pointed out, “What’s really lovely about a chicken jacket is it doesn’t have to be perfect, because — come on — it’s for a chicken.” [AOL News]

The machete has become the weapon of choice for deli workers in Bridgeton, New Jersey, where two different men used the sword to fend off robbers, one week apart from each other. Click through for security-camera footage of the man irritably waving the machete at the would-be criminal. [NBC Philadelphia]

The James Weird Awards: A Corn Avalanche, a Hot-Spinach Assault, and Chicken