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Test Kitchen’s Townhouse To Become A Fine Dining Mini-Mall

Julian Cox's Tejocote cocktail at Rivera
Julian Cox’s Tejocote cocktail at Rivera Photo: Kevin Eats

Test Kitchen is closing on December 13th, though we have heard buzz that the successful pop-up factory will reopen in some form somewhere else in the city. Meanwhile, a press release hints that Test Kitchen’s space is being re-branded as “The Townhouse on Pico,” with plans for three different concepts to come in. In January, Pizzeria Ortica vets Steve Samson and Zach Pollack will replace Test Kitchen with an Italian concept of their own called Sotto. The following month, Ricardo Zarate will open another exploration of Peruvian cuisine called Picca, in the space’s second floor, as has been planned since Test Kitchen first appeared. Most unexpected, a third concept is soon going to be announced with Julian Cox, the respected bartender who brought the barbacoa cocktail to Rivera, involved in some way. Three local star-centered spots in one place? Sounds like a mini-mall of upscale dining is headed to Pico.

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The Townhouse, 9575 West Pico Blvd.

Test Kitchen’s Townhouse To Become A Fine Dining Mini-Mall