Teen Arrested In Spinach Attack; ‘Kung Pao Kitten’ Joke Fails to Amuse

• A 17-year-old from Nevada County turned himself in to Roseville police for that “fire in the hole” incident involving scalding creamed spinach that left a Boston Market drive-through attendant severely burned. [SacBee, Earlier]

• The food safety bill, which the Senate passed, is on its way back to the Senate after being tucked into a spending bill by the House. [Chron]

• In Superior, Wisconsin, unlike in S.F., the city council votes overwhelmingly against banning Happy Meal toys. Those who spoke out in favor of the ban? “All were Duluth residents.” [Superior Telegram via Scoop]

• A bunch of people are not amused by a joke recipe for “kung pao kitten” that appeared in a University of Missouri newsletter. PETA, is that you pulling some kind of elaborate stunt? [Kansas City Star]

• Just like the evil geniuses over at McDonald’s had plotted, their limited-edition McRib sandwich helped boost sales nearly 5 percent last month. [USAT]

• If you’re already stuffing your face with a couple of doughnuts, plus some coffee, each morning, well, now it’s possible that breakfast might just make you smarter. [NYDN]

• Another reason to bring on the doughnuts: The FDA has approved a new weight-loss pill, called Contrave. [Catholic Online]

• Butter may be even worse for you than you think: Researchers in Toledo, Ohio, found evidence of the flame-retardant chemical PBDE in nine out of ten brands they tested. [ABC Local]

Teen Arrested In Spinach Attack; ‘Kung Pao Kitten’ Joke Fails to