Take a Look Inside Grahamwich, Now Open

The first smell that hits your nose when the door opens at Grahamwich, Graham Elliot’s new sandwich and soda shop in River North, is the aroma of freshly popped popcorn — albeit the kind drizzled with truffle oil. It’s just about then that you realize that this isn’t going to be a normal sandwich shop. But what else could one expect from Graham Elliot? Though it only serves sandwiches and other snacks, this is no small operation. Dozens of employees are crammed behind the counters, kicking out the complex creations at a relatively high speed. We were on hand at the moment they first started serving lunch, and got a look at a few of the sandwich creations.

The menu is the same as the one that was released a few weeks ago, and each sandwich costs $10. There are a range of other snacks, including chips, a salad, pickles, and that popcorn. In the morning they’ll feature fresh pastries from Fritz Pastry.

The shop is located in a beautiful old building, which means that the windows are enormous, and, with the all-white interior, the space feels airy and open. The back area features one large table, which is a little snug, but can fit a surprising number of people. When it’s not freezing outside, there will also be a patio. While there is room to sit, we have a feeling most people will get these sandwiches to go.

Take a look at our slideshow below to see for yourself.

Take a Look Inside Grahamwich, Now Open