Longman & Eagle Soon to Be an Official Saloon

We knew from the very beginning that Longman & Eagle planned to be a saloon, with a bar and restaurant on the ground floor and a few rooms upstairs. It sounded humorous and slightly crazed, and we couldn’t quite picture how it’d all work out. Who would want to stay above a really loud bar? Well, it’s been about a year since the Logan Square spot first opened, and in the meantime the restaurant won an award or two and even nabbed a Michelin star. With loads of attention now focused on what’s next, the restaurant finally showed off those rooms for the first time.

At first the six rooms come off as clean, simple, and handsome, with loads of hardwood, straight lines, and tall ceilings. But the closer you look, the more little details seem to pop up, whether it’s an old cassette player, J.D. Salinger stacked on the nightstand, or house stationary on the desk.

Perhaps the most distinctive element of each room is the bathroom. To keep the rooms open and airy, each one is out in the open, with only perfectly clear glass as a barrier. To be sure, this would be a horrible place to take a big family, but that is kind of the point. The rooms are above a raucous bar, and while the sound proofing is kind of remarkable, it isn’t perfectly quiet.

But these aren’t simply rooms for people to crash after drinking too much whiskey. The rooms range in cost from $75 to $250, and come complete with flat screen TVs, Apple TV hookups, and WiFi. They’ll be available to rent in the next couple weeks, and, if you’re interested, click here. Otherwise, take a peek around with our slideshow.

Longman & Eagle Soon to Be an Official Saloon