Writers' Block

Snow Melting, Hangovers Incoming

Photo: STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images

At Grub Street, we have some wily ways of tracking down epic food stories: We have a Google Reader loaded up with local blogs. We read the New York and national publications. We get up early to watch Michael White make pasta. We are on the Twitters constantly. We even eat out at restaurants and call people on the telephone. This is all in the name of helping you, the reader. The singular focus of the Internet these past few days — sample post titles from local blogs include, “Scenes from the Snowstorm”; “Still no Trains”; and “Williamsburg Snowman du Jour” — is making our job very difficult.

We imagine it is stymieing the creative efforts of food writers all across town! Brace yourselves for posts — on other blogs, of course — with titles like “What I Ate for Lunch Today” and “My Mom’s Awesome Soup.”

This crisis of navel-gazing is sure to be short-lived, since we’re now starting to see the “How to Fix Your Hangover” stories hitting the web en masse. The new singular theme is one we prefer, although we’re predicting that Snowed-In New Yorkers + Cabin Fever = Perfect Storm of Drunken Melees on December 31. Or so we hope — that’d be a great story!

Snow Melting, Hangovers Incoming