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Sly Stallone Stalked at Cafe Roma; Oliver Martinez Loses His Marbles at Mirabelle

Sly Stallone: Not the wax statue, we think...
Sly Stallone: Not the wax statue, we think… Photo: Oparazzi Photos via Flickr

When will celebrities learn that sometimes it’s easier to eat at home? You hear us Sylvester Stallone? Sly was confronted by a shirtless, obsessed fan at Cafe Roma this week. He tried to be cool about the situation and watched as the nut did one-armed push-ups, but we’re sure that stunt doesn’t impress him, especially as he was jingling all the way to meet with Arnold Schwarzenegger for lunch. Too bad the two old guys didn’t break into ‘roid rage and terminate the punk. Speaking of stand-offs, Halle Berry’s boyfriend lost his shit over at Mirabelle (and not due to the food) backing into a photographer’s car and threatening him. Surprisingly, it was Christian Bale who acted like a total sweetheart, offering to buy a gal coffee at LAX, with no screaming at anyone. Good boy! Finally, while Miley Cryus was not at Katsuya this week, for a change, we might have gotten a clue as to where she gets that wicked appetite, as the teen singer was spotted taking a bong toke while some so-called friend shot video of her tripping out. Naturally, her pop is not pleased about this Lohan-ian development. While we console our achy, breaky hearts, see where else celebs have been getting their munchies on in this week’s celebrity settings column.

Café Roma: Sylvester Stallone was cornered by an obsessed fan, who showed the star how he could do one-armed push-ups. For some reason, Stallone wanted to get the hell out of there and on to lunch with Arnold Schwarzenegger. [TMZ]

Farmers Market: Jennifer Garner hung out with her daughter. [E! Online]

Farmers Market: Jessica Alba juggled her kid and a massive Hello Kitty toy while her husband walked empty-handed. She should so leave him for us. [E! Online]

Hyde: Woody Harrelson had Asian chicken lettuce wraps at Staples Center with Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr. [People]

Katusya: Ashley Tisdale and Scott Speer had dinner last night, following a day of shopping. What a life! [Celebrity-Gossip]

Mastro’s: Channing Tatum had dinner dressed in a newsboy cap and your grandma’s sweater. And he was holding either an iPad or a clutch purse, we can’t tell. [People]

Mirabelle: Halle Berry looked all hot at lunch, while Oliver Martinez got too hot under the collar, backed his car into a photographer’s ride, and threatened the shutterbug. [E! Online]

My House: David Arquette hit the club after stealing Dick Tracy’s overcoat. [E! Online]

Red O: Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel were spotted on a dinner date. Think someone might have brought sexy back once they got home? [Entertainment Tonight]

The Living Room: Katy Perry, who seems to be everywhere all of the time, enjoyed a jazz night. [People]

The London West Hollywood: Sarah Michelle Gellar reached back to her Carribean roots, drinking Cafe Bustelo over tea during a baby shower she was throwing for a friend. [People]

SoHo House: Ashley Simpson and Kourtney Kardashian ate snacks at a promotional party. [People]

Starbucks: Christian Bale stopped for coffee at LAX and even kindly offered to buy one one for a woman there. He didn’t even stop her from drinking it by yelling, “What are you DOING?” [People]

Sly Stallone Stalked at Cafe Roma; Oliver Martinez Loses His Marbles at