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Owner and Chef Talk about Mado

Last time we left the saga of Mado, we wondered whether the acclaimed restaurant would just close. Brandon Baltzley and the kitchen staff had left after a dispute with the owner, David Richards. But then we learned that Baltzley wanted to buy the restaurant, and that he was gathering investors to do so. As of this morning nothing has been officially announced, but in the meantime Chicago Magazine was able to get a hold of both parties to see what each side thought of the closing.

Owner Dave Richards claimed it all was down to money, telling Chicago, you have to do whatever it takes “to keep the restaurant profitable.” He claimed that costs of kitchen staff had been at over 50 percent, which is way over the 25 percent level he likes to keep them at. He decided to tell Baltzley to move two of the kitchen staff to part-time status.

Baltzley didn’t agree with the idea, because he knew that “they will just quit.” He sat down with all the kitchen staff and everyone decided to leave. Currently he is working to find investors to buy Mado. “If everything works out, everyone who was at Mado previously will be returning. Everyone is pretty much waiting right now.”

We’re hoping to hear the results of this soon. But in the meantime, we have more information about what Baltzley will be doing while he waits. He’ll have his first underground dinner on Friday, December 17. He and his crew will be cooking a $50 five-course tasting menu. There will be two seatings, one at 6 p.m and the other 9 p.m. There are 25 spots available for each time slot, and they can be reserved by calling 773-914-2622.

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Owner and Chef Talk about Mado