Come the Weekend, Oliverio Overdoses on Chocolate

Triple Chocolate Truffle Pizzettas
Triple Chocolate Truffle Pizzettas Photo: Alex Vasilescu

Oliverio has a new plan to catch chocoholics, debuting an evening all-you-can=eat dessert buffet every Friday and Saturday called “Choco-Sutra.” While they certainly don’t win any prizes for the name, there are some pretty original takes on dessert making their way to this poolside party, which sounds kind of like those overindulgent food-orgies that get busted out on cruise ships, only this time you don’t have to see the same 200 fat people every day. What can you expect?

Chef Mirko Paderno’s menus are subject to change, but include offerings like a triple chocolate pizza topped with white chocolate shavings resembling truffles, ice cream shooters, red chili pot de creme, chocolate blinis, and chocolate pancakes. What, no chocolate stent for our hearts? $28 buys all the desserts you can handle, with the price reduced to $17 if you can possibly manage to fit in dinner first. The feast kicks off this Friday at 7:30 P.M. See the buffet menu below.

Choco-Sutra at Oliverio

Avalon Hotel
9400 West Olympic Blvd. Beverly Hills
$28 per person, $50 per couple, $17 per person with dinner
Every Friday and Saturday
From 7:30 to 11:00 P.M.

Buffet May Include:

• Triple Chocolate Truffle Pizzettas
• Chocolate Ganache with Mint and Wasabi
• Ice Cream Shooters
• Chocolate Ice Cream blended with liquor in a shot glass
• Chocolate Madeleines
• Mini Chocolate Pastries
• Grissini al Cioccolato
• Chocolate Breadsticks
• South-of-the-Border Chocolate Pots de Crème
• Luscious and Creamy Custard with a Hint of Spice
• Chocolate-Banana Bread Pudding
• Banana Bread in a Delicious Chocolate Custard
• Cocoa Nuts
• Walnuts and Pecans Roasted in Chocolate
• Malted Milk Chocolate Balls
• Milk chocolate truffles with malted milk
• Chocolate Blinis
• Mini chocolate pancakes, crème fraîche and coco-pops caviar
• Chocolate Pizza

Come the Weekend, Oliverio Overdoses on Chocolate