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Practice Your Sexy Cleavage (Plus: Three Other Hot-Ticket Cooking Classes)

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Now that butchering is sexy, equal-opportunity, and groupie-inspiring, who hasn’t dreamed of bloodying their hands on a juicy animal carcass? If you lack the vacation time to go all Julie Powell and apprentice at Fleisher’s, Dickson’s Farmstand Meats, in the Chelsea Market, will offer “meat education” classes beginning in January.

We’d be tempted to dive straight into the terrine- or sausage-making sessions, but the squeamish might prefer staying on the sidelines for the “tours” of either a lamb, pig, or steer that detail the different cuts and let students watch butcher Adam Tiberio break the animal down (swoon!). There’s also a $25 weekly “Meat 101” session that will guide you through terms like “grass-fed” and “pasture-raised,” ideal for anyone on your holiday list who hasn’t spent enough time with their nose stuffed in a Michael Pollan treatise. Check out the full lineup of classes here.

Speaking of classes, we do hope the elves bring us something educational this year (hint hint). If you feel the same, know that The Four Seasons will also launch cooking classes in the New Year. Much like dining at the restaurant, they bear a hefty price tag ($295), include a white-tablecloth meal, and have quickly become one of the toughest reservations in town. If downtown is more your scene, it’s worth noting that Pizza a Casa’s Mark Bello has added a pasta workshop; and if you’re still crazy for cupcakes after all these years, Butter Lane offers instructions on pimping your pastry.

Practice Your Sexy Cleavage (Plus: Three Other Hot-Ticket Cooking Classes)