NOW Targets Hooters; Angelina Jolie Loves Spanish Food

• The California chapter of the National Organization for Women is targeting the state’s Hooter’s locations, arguing that the frequent presence of children in the chain violates laws protecting them from racy entertainment. [California Watch]

• Angelina Jolie is all about Spanish food. Fine, just so long as she doesn’t go make a TV show about it with Mario Batali! [AP]

• Germany has pledged 6 million dollars to help the U.N. target child hunger and promote sustainable agriculture in poor countries, among other goals. [Monsters and Critics]

• Hawthorne mayor Larry Guidi has plead not guilty to that felony charge that he stole a food mixer from The Hawthorne School District so he could make pizza at home. [Daily Breeze]

• Police are looking for the driver that crashed into and killed a woman eating at a Highland Park hamburger stand at the end of November. [Daily Breeze]

• Windowfarms windowsill-gardening systems could be a boon to urban areas where fresh food is scarce, such as our apartments. [Triple Pundit]

• Rising food prices seem likely to counteract any benefit the Chinese economy has experienced from metal and oil inflation. [Commodities Note/FT]

• Japan, for one, is stocking up. The country purchased 19,520 metric tons of wheat, from Canada and Australia. That’s a lot of ramen! [Bloomberg]

• The U.S. is not immune to food inflation, either. Tell us about IT, we just ate at Per Se — ouch! [Wall Street Grand/WSJ]

NOW Targets Hooters; Angelina Jolie Loves Spanish Food