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Are We Nuts, Or Is Crazy for Chicken Ripping Off Mad for Chicken?

Damn, that's one crrrraazy chicken!
Damn, that’s one crrrraazy chicken! Photo: iStockphoto; Photo-illustration: Mary-Louise Price

What is it about fried chicken that brings to mind losing one’s marbles? There’s El Pollo Loco, and Mad for Chicken (whose owner recently spun his recipe off into the music-themed poultry parlors Mono + Mono), and now here’s a new one: Crazy for Chicken. A flyer we ran across advertises two branches for the restaurant (one on Ludlow Street in the Lower East Side and another on First Avenue in the East Village), and there’s no website listed.

We called the Ludlow branch for details and an employee revealed that the place has been open two months and claimed he had never heard of Mad for Chicken. But evidently Crazy for Chicken is not above ripping off competitors — its rather demented-looking chicken mascot is labeled, on our flyer, as the “CFC Chicken.” We’re not sure what to make of all this (if you know anything about this place, let us know in the comments), but regardless, if you’ll be in the market for some “wings + drums” or maybe some fries later on this Friday night, here’s the menu.

Crazy for Chicken
All chicken orders come with blue cheese and celery sticks

1. Wings
Sm. (6 pcs) $5.50
Lg. (12 pcs) $10.50

2. Wings + Drums
Sm. 6 pcs (Wing 4, Drum 2) $7.00
Lg. 12 pcs (Wing 8, Drum 4) $13.50

3. Wings + Thighs

Sm. 6 pcs (Wing 4, Thigh 2) $6.50
Lg. 12 pcs (Wing 8, Thigh 4) $12.00

4. Buffalo Wings
Sm. (6 pcs) $5.50
Lg. (12 pcs) $10.50

5. Chicken Salad
w/ House Dressing
Sm. $3.95
Lg. $6.50

6. Homemade Belgian Fries
Small $3 / Large $5
Homemade sauce $.050 (mayo, ketchup free)

Choice of sauce for chicken (strictly homemade)
1. Sweet Chili Sauce
2. Hot Chili Sauce
3. Teriyaki Sauce (hot or mild)
4. Soy Garlic Sauce

Crazy for Chicken, 141 First Avenue, nr. 9th St.; 212-529-2740; and 121 Ludlow St., nr. Rivington St.; 212-979-0105

Are We Nuts, Or Is Crazy for Chicken Ripping Off Mad for Chicken?