Proposed State Law Would Crack Down on Party Buses; French Truffle Farmer Murdered a Truffle Thief

• The family of a San Mateo 19-year-old who died in a drunk-driving crash after partying on a party bus is pushing for stricter statewide regulations on party buses. [Tribune]

• The cafeteria of San Francisco’s Zynga gaming company serves food like chicken vindaloo and lobster-mushroom bisque, which has gourmands who don’t work there clamoring for an invite. Only in the Bay Area, kids. [WSJ]

• Paula Deen’s former housekeeper Mary White has been sentenced to eighteen months in prison for stealing the Food Network star’s jewelry. [Associated Content]

• In case you missed it, there was some drama down in L.A. yesterday surrounding the outing of well known “anonymous” critic, S. Irene Virbila. Birdsall calls this event “a kind of rape.” [Grub Street LA, SFoodie]

• A French truffle farmer shot and killed a man he thought was stealing his precious fungi. Murder is evidently not as serious as truffle theft in Southern France, since neighboring farmers immediately staged a march in support. [Guardian UK]

Big Love star Ginnifer Goodwin, who in our opinion is adorable, has evidently been on Weight Watchers since age 9. At least she doesn’t seem too upset about it. [NYDN]

• Here’s an article about how policies that support ethanol push up the cost of meat. The answer is drive less and eat fewer burgers. [NPR]

• A Conservative Jewish group has proposed new standards for kosher food that would include a “seal of justice” pertaining to proper labor policies, animal rights, and other factors. [Stltoday]

Proposed State Law Would Crack Down on Party Buses; French Truffle Farmer