Mars Bar’s Fate Looks Grimmer and Grimmer

Photo: Youngna Park

More bad news about the Mars Bar situation: A rep for developer BFC Partners tells DNA Info that construction could take three years, and though he says (through his teeth?) “it is an institution, so to speak, and we’d like to preserve it somehow,” he also admits owner Hank Penza would have to renegotiate his rent at market rates (presumably something f%&*# insane) and “he might not even want to do it two or three years from now.” DNA Info says the bar could close “in a matter of months.” Steve Lewis considers this news alongside the closing of Max Fish and the comeback of Culture Club and doesn’t like it one bit.

“Both the Culture Club and Bowlmor are banking on the bankers and other normal, routine types that live in the hampster habitats built for them over the last decade,” he writes, saying that “New York seems destined to become a Disneyfied Vegas.”

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Mars Bar’s Fate Looks Grimmer and Grimmer