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Marlowe to Expand to North Beach

Puccio, Keller, Weinberg, ca. May 2010
Puccio, Keller, Weinberg, ca. May 2010 Photo: Courtesy of Marlowe

Partners Anna Weinberg, Dave Stanton (who co-owns Tres Agaves), and chef-partner Jennifer Puccio, the team behind Marlowe, are opening a second restaurant in 2011 in the former Joey & Eddie’s/BeeBo space in North Beach (1652 Stockton). As the Scoop reports, the name is still up in the air but the menu’s going to be similar to Marlowe in spirit, though the larger kitchen is going to allow Puccio more freedom in the seafood department. The expansion means the potential for bringing Marlowe’s small-scale, buzz-worthy success to a new and larger audience, with an 85-seat main dining area, a 30-seat cafe, and a 40-seat bar which will all “flow into each other,” and NY’s mega-brasserie Balthazar — to which many comparisons were drawn to Café Des Amis in Cow Hollow — is serving as an inspiration.

Undoubtedly, there will be burgers, but the team also promises a “grown-up” version of Marlowe, and presumably a larger menu.

The initial ETA for the project is early June.

As for the previously rumored designs on the space by Original Joe’s, that has fallen through, but there may be more to that story on its way.

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Marlowe to Expand to North Beach