New Year's Eve

Listing the Lists: Your New Year’s Eve Planner

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Compiling a comprehensive list of restaurants and bars to attack on New Year’s Eve is daunting: Everyone is open, everyone wants your business, everyone will try to come up with something special and give you free Champagne. We’re just happy someone else loves to make these lists so we can link to them.

If you still haven’t made plans for this coming Friday, Squid Ink has details on more than 20 great restaurant and bar options—everything from the 213 Ventures one-night pass to all of Cedd Moses’ bars downtown, to what the many Chayas are offering. Gourmet Pigs found under-$60 offerings, the LA Times files their contenders, and you’ll find plenty of information on OpenTable. For the laid-back route, try Brand X. Of course, we’ll have a handle on some of the one-off, late-breaking announcements, like Alain Giraud cooking at First & Hope on New Year’s Eve, right here.

Whatever you do, have fun, be safe, and program these numbers into your phone–888-401-DUI7 (Y Drive) and -800-400-4AAA (AAA’s Tipsy Tow)–in case you do something stupid. Like try to drink eight cocktails at each of Cedd Moses’ eight bars in one night.

Listing the Lists: Your New Year’s Eve Planner