Justin Bieber Plays With His Dinner in London; Grant Achatz On The Sophistication of The Home Cook

• Justin Bieber acted up at London’s La Porte Des Indes last night, drawing on his face and playing with toys during dinner. [Daily Mail]

• A new immersion circulator, which can be used to cook sous vide, is available for the home-cook at Williams-Sonoma, leading Grant Achatz to call it, “a good gauge of the sophistication of the consumer.” [L.A. Times]

• Here’s a super-cheery article about how Global Warming is affecting the world food supply. Spoiler alert: it’s not good news. [US News and World Report]

• Airport Commission President Alan Rothenberg resigned yesterday, feeling that his ties with California Pizza Kitchen were delaying the concession overhaul at LAX. [Contra Costa Times]

• Not exactly cutting-edge news: Echo Park “evolves” into a hipster destination, with Gold Room, Little Joy, Short Stop, El Prado, and taco trucks a big draw for youthful nightlife revelers. [L.A. Times]

• A $50,000 reward is being offered for information in the October drive-by shooting death of a teenager standing outside of a Lankershim Blvd. taco stand. [KABC]

• Lap-Bands for everyone! The FDA is considering a request to lower weight requirements for gastric-banding surgery. [NYT]

• Here’s some important news to carry you into the holiday season: A hard-hitting social survey sponsored by Dunkin’ Donuts found that two-thirds of gingerbread-cookie eaters bite the head off first. [NYDN]

• Lance peanut-butter and cheese crackers will likely merge with Snyder’s of Hanover pretzels. Just imagine the hybrid-snack possibilities! [USAT]

• The locavore movement has spawned a number of places to make your own wine. Yes, you get to stomp on grapes. [NYT]

• A hole-in-the-wall in Hong Kong where a bowl of soup goes for less than $4 is one of the world’s cheapest restaurants to receive a Michelin star. [Scene Asia/WSJ]

Justin Bieber Plays With His Dinner in London; Grant Achatz On The