Jose Andres Scolds Gold For His Language

Photo: Hadley Tomicki

A fight! We want in. Jose Andres and Jonathan Gold are back at it, skirmishing over the merits of molecular, oops, “new” cooking, or whatever the hell we’re supposed to call those tasty tricks the chef has brought to our table from España. Squid Ink reports that the two food-lovers took to Twitter this week for a gentleman’s duel, debating such subjects as science, gangsta rap, and the history of great chefs using gelatin. It all started when Mr. Gold dared to use the word “molecular” while shouting out Scott Conant’s famous spaghetti dish, to which Andres responded, “With all due respect, No one cooks molecular, writers and critics write molecular, Mr. Gold!” Meow! So, why the sensitivity?

We suspect the fight goes much deeper than just words. In a review of The Bazaar last year that didn’t glow like most, Gold posed the question, “Is foie gras really improved by a blanket of cotton candy?” Andres blasted back in an interview with L.A. Weekly’s own food blog last spring, saying of Gold, “If he doesn’t want to understand this new thing that’s happening, he’s lost.” When will these two finally sit down with a bottle of Solera Gran Reserva and hash it out?

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Jose Andres Scolds Gold For His Language